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Volusion Design, Development & Optimization
Increasing Volusion Revenue Requires a Proven Formula ...

BUT, most owners and teams are wearing so many different hats that they don’t have the time nor expertise to know what to change or how to change their site to convert more customers.

At Redefine Commerce, we help ecommerce brands leverage their stores to achieve the highest level of performance and profit by optimizing messaging, design layout, and automated systems that turn browsers into buyers.

In plain english, we make you more money. 

How We Help

Increase Conversion
Increase Conversion
Increase Order Value
Increase Order Value
Increase purchases
Increase purchases
Decrease Costs
Decrease Costs
Get Your Volusion Tasks Done with Our End to End Services

Get Your Volusion Tasks Done with Our End to End Services

Instead of piecing together multiple solution providers for the different facets of your

Volusion business

, Redefine Commerce has intently developed and packaged all of these services for each solution under one roof.
Every part of our business communicates with another to create a well-oiled, tried and true profitable machine for you. With our main goal to make our clients and their shoppers the top priority in all that we do, and help move your critical business tasks to "Done."

Volusion Design, Development & Optimization

High-Performance On Demand
Volusion Teams, On Your Terms

Work with hand-selected talent, customized to fit your needs at scale. Redefine Commerce offers a long-standing, developed team of Volusion technology professionals, marketing executives, respected designers, practiced consultants, and more., to build the complete team you need to get results for your

Volusion store

Fill a missing Volusion skill set or role on your team.
Fill a missing Volusion skill set or role on your team.

Assemble a full Volusion team, ready to follow your lead.
Assemble a full Volusion team, ready to follow your lead.

Leverage a fully-managed Volusion team, operating using agile best practices.
Leverage a fully-managed Volusion team, operating using agile best practices.

End to End

Ecommerce Volusion Services

Increase profits, streamline your operations and wow your customers by applying a holistic approach to your global sales strategy. Redefine Commerce is the first truly end-to-end Volusion service provider, consolidating every aspect of your Volusion enterprise under a single roof.

Volusion Consulting

With 15+ years of delivering success to our clients, we can create roadmap for your success.
  • Solve Volusion Problems
  • Determine Best Path Foward
  • Volusion Revenue Strategy
  • Automate Processes

Volusion Design

Take your Volusion store to the next level with Conversion Driven Design.
  • Volusion UX/UI Design
  • Mobile & Responsive Design
  • Volusion Graphic Design 
  • Email Design Services

Volusion Development

We design, develop, and maintain customized software solutions.
  • Volusion Customization
  • Developers on Demand
  • Volusion Replatforming
  • Front & Back End Development
Volusion Integration
There is simply no integration we cannot create for your Volusion store.
  • ERP Integrations
  • CRM Integrations
  • Shipping & Tax Integrations
  • Custom API Creation
Volusion Marketing
Our growth hacking marketing techniques to help achieve rapid and sustainable growth.
  • Marketing Strategy 
  • Conversion Rate Optimization 
  • PPC & SEO Management
  • Marketplace Management
Volusion Support
24/7 Support as a Service, a complete Volusion support operation on demand.
  • Fixing Bugs & Issues
  • Upgrades & Maintenance
  • Security & Patching 
  • PCI Compliance
Volusion Optimization
Your one-stop shop for business and Volusion store's optimization.
  • Performance & Speed Review
  • Proactive Monitering 
  • Technical & Code Audit
  • A/B Site Testing
Mobile Volusion
Offer beautiful mobile experience to your Volusion visitors.
  • Mobile First Ecommerce
  • Progressive Web Apps 
  • Volusion Iphone Apps
  • Volusion Android Apps
Expert Volusion Teams
Get your own dedicated Ecommerce Team who does everything for your business.
  • Top Volusion Talent
  • Full Service Team 
  • Talent on Demand
  • Volusion Experts
Your Volusion Store's Profitability as a System
The largest brands & start-ups count on our solutions
Your Volusion Store's Profitability as a System

We build with your whole business in mind, to create seamlessly integrated streamlined solutions. Built on the requests of over 400 ecommerce owners from Fortune 500 business owners to small mom and pop retailers to build flexible, and adaptable solutions all of your most critical marketing, selling and fulfilling activities.
Developed by Volusion experts who understand the breakneck pace of the modern marketplace, our comprehensive technologies and strategies are proven to increase your brand’s profitability and your customers’ loyalty.

Volusion Sales Solutions
Volusion Sales Solutions

Redefine Commerce empowers Volusion store owners to increase average order value, repeat purchases, improve conversion rates, and add new revenue sources.

Volusion Operations Solutions
Volusion Operations Solutions

The most automated Volusion inventory management solution. Centralize your orders and inventory across all your sales channels to streamline.

Volusion Insight Solutions
Volusion Insight Solutions

Unifies all your sales, inventory, product analytics, and customer data, to get a complete view of your ecommerce, marketing, and operations performance.

Volusion Advanced B2B Solutions
Volusion Advanced B2B Solutions

Give your B2B customers the modern online ordering experience they’re used to in their consumer lives. Enhance your Volusion store to be a powerful sales tool.

Volusion Growth Driven Process
Better results & a Better Process
Volusion Growth Driven Process

As well as the results, we know Volusion owners like you care about the process - after all it’s you that needs to manage to process and expectations internally. With our Volusion Growth Driven Process, you can get a website live in 30-60 days, typically 4 times faster than traditional web design. That means we get to launch much faster; the pressure is off you and we can start improving the site - rather than waiting around.

Building Profitable Businesses, Not Just Volusion Stores
Methodology for Rapid, Measurable Results
Building Profitable Businesses, Not Just Volusion Stores

True to our motto, "We build businesses, not just websites," we provide large and mid-sized companies with a full range of Internet marketing, website design and Volusion solutions geared to maximize online revenues. We created our unique EOS methodology to ensure every  Volusion store we work with is set for exponential growth.

What Makes us Unique?

"They are an End-to-End Partner"

That's why all projects at Redefine Commerce start with architecture and discovery.

"They’re highly responsive, delivered all scheduled tasks on time, and worked around the clock."
"They helped me greatly in transforming my vision and business goals into something tangible."
A Secret Admirer
"We don't think we could ever get where we are today with out them, and their ability to solve problems."
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