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Consulting & Strategy
Ecommerce Consulting

We help you better analyze and understand your business, customers and competition. So you can grow your sales. And maximize your conversions. After all, that’s what business is all about. Especially if you want to remain in business.

Responsive Ecommerce Design
Ecommerce Design

We work closely with you to understand who your target customers and clients are. And then we help you creatively and uniquely communicate the essence and power of your business. Our compelling and engaging designs incorporate some of the latest technologies, including HTML5 and Responsive, to properly accommodate any and all devices

Ecommerce Development
Ecommerce Development

We design state-of-the-art e-commerce solutions. These solutions are not only cutting-edge, but custom configured to make your business faster, leaner and easier to manage. We tailor our solutions to best fit the unique business needs and logistics of each of our partners.

Ecommerce Integration
Ecommerce Integration

We allow you to effortlessly, instantly bridge the gap between your online e-commerce and traditional brick-and-mortar operation. We have integration available for various popular POS systems. You’ll never need to worry about managing inventory, orders & product information in two different stores again.

Ecommerce Marketing
Ecommerce Marketing

We learn how to engage your customers to maximize your marketing budget, while simultaneously increasing your return on investment. Marketing services we offer include e-mail marketing campaigns, pay-per-click campaigns, organic traffic increase, social media marketing and more. Our strategic and deep relationships with multiple marketing agencies and content writers help ensure you master the complexity of connecting with your customers.

Ecommerce Support & Maintenance
eCommerce Support & Maintenance

We offer various Ecommerce support services, including upgrades, code audits, training, consultations, speed optimization, server configuration and more. We also provide proactive site monitoring services and outage rescue services if and where they are needed.

Ecommerce Optimization
Ecommerce Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is often underrated. From 5% purchase conversion rate to 6% doesn’t seem much of a difference but the impact is big. We have gathered knowledge across different industries and can help you apply different tactics to increase your conversion rates above the industry average.

Mobile Commerce
Mobile Commerce

Turn your website to an app with a few clicks! Get fast loading times, mobile notifications and offline browsing capabilities. Aliexpress was one of the first big brands to utilize this technology and it grew their iOS conversion rate by 82%.

Dedicated Team
Dedicated Team

Hire professional developers that work with you directly. No more issues finding a developer for short-term or project basis. You can hire dedicated developers from us for as short period as 1 week.

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That's why all projects at Redefine Commerce start with architecture and discovery.

"They’re highly responsive, delivered all scheduled tasks on time, and worked around the clock."
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"We don't think we could ever get where we are today with out them, and their ability to solve problems."
"They helped me greatly in transforming my vision and business goals into something tangible."
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