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Tracking Marketing Campaigns

Tracking Marketing Campaigns

Redefine Commerce enables you to track your company's online campaigns efficiently. Through Redefine Commerce, you will get a complete snapshot of your company's comprehensive marketing strategy along with actionable metrics.

Track Link Metrics

Once you link your site with a URL like http://www.mydomain.com/?campaign=banner1, the statistics will reveal the number of people who originated from the given campaign. Or you could assign a landing page to the specific Campaign.

Track User Metrics

In case a user registers on your company's site, the system saves the campaign as well as the URL they originated from, so you're able to recognize later the Campaigns which brought new customers.

Web Analytics Metrics

Web Analytics Metrics

Redefine Commerce monitors the following statistics on a yearly, monthly, daily, and hourly basis providing you with information almost immediately.

Get Access To Better Metrics

View metrics such as page views, file downloads, visits, referrals, campaigns, conversions, countries, browser types, invalid pages, aggregated views of RSS feeds, and events

Tracking Conversions

Tracking Conversions

Nevertheless, a large number of visitors does not mean a site is profitable. Monitoring the number of conversions is essential. A conversion is a thing that provides you value - for instance, a visitor registration, placement of an order, registering for services, or a signing up for a company newsletter. Redefine Commerce keeps track of conversions like orders, newsletter signups, or registrations utilizing simple code.
Custom Reports

You'll be able to track conversions along with campaigns to determine which campaigns result in most conversions. It's also possible to generate different customized reports that fit your unique needs.

Google Analytics Integration
Google Analytics Integration
With the Google Analytics
Ecommerce Tracking feature
in Redefine Commerce , you could connect specific product, order, and client journey details with Google Analytics to acquire useful insights into visitor behavior. Using Google Tag Manager, obtain a broader summary of your company's audience as per demographics and buying actions, and optimize how you do e-commerce on your company's websites.

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