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Product Experiences Which Push Sales

Product Experiences Which Push Sales

Nowadays, your company's brand experience is online. It begins with a search bar and concludes on a product page. You require a product experience management platform which centralizes the content for that journey, changes it for the broadest ecosystem, and lets you know what you should carry out to enhance outcomes. That platform is Redefine Commerce.

Product Information Management(PIM)
Swiftly deal with product attributes and send out approved content for each channel using our prominent

product information management software

Commerce-Driven Workflows

Our information insights push workflow tasks which will measurably accelerate time to market and enhance sales.

Channel By Channel Readiness

Channel By Channel Readiness

Find out in a glimpse whether your company's product details are all set for publication and precisely how you can reach 100%.

See Products By Channel

Effortlessly look at your product information via the lens of every channel’s needs to ensure you’re optimizing for the customer experience they're aiming to design.

Optimize Data Promptly

Highly useful data modification tools such as our bulk editor and our excel-like computed properties functionality allow you to generate and alter data values instantly throughout any range of products or your company's complete product catalog.

Master Record Management

Master Record Management

We’ll look at your company's data, content, and other things you've got. Also, assist you to create the customer experience you desire. For every channel, your business sells through.

Design Your Data For Virtually Every Use Case
Compared with conventional

PIM platforms

in which updating product details demands an IT project, through Redefine Commerce, you can provide capabilities instantly and update your information within few clicks. Segregate product content for trade from operational “master data” allowing you to generate versions of the facts that meet the requirements of every retailer. It is simple to handle relationships between products, create variants with manageable inheritance and override content at the child level.
Digital Asset Management
Digital Asset Management

Words might tell your company's story; however, it is your rich media which brings it to life. Gain access to your entire approved digital images, videos, user manuals, buying guides, etc. in just one reliable location. This approach enables your teams to convert and distribute assets for every use instantly.

Improve Files Using Effective Metadata

On import, Redefine Commerce instantly generates metadata for the extremely critical categories to drive your search. Additionally, it is simple to add custom values too. Afterward, all of this precious data is accessible for publishing to every retailer channel.

Share Authorized Assets With Your Workforce

Effortlessly share sets of original or modified images, PDFs, videos, layouts, and presentation files with external and internal teams.

Ensure Data Quality
Ensure Data Quality

In today’s world, specific retailer needs may change within minutes. Allow Redefine Commerce to take care of the modifications for your business and after that look at your products’ readiness for each channel with one click. Receive your company's content quicker to market than in the past.

Be Prepared For Every Channel

Do not ever worry about if your content will satisfy your retailers’ needs. Analyze readiness for personalized products for every channel, preview content in its modified version, and conveniently locate and correct mistakes in the data in a view as recognizable as Excel. Measure the completeness of your company's product content, find gaps in data, and carry out improvements required to publish to any endpoint.

Custom Product Variants
Custom Product Variants
In the Redefine Commerce
Ecommerce Solution
, product types are entirely custom page types utilized to come up with products of different representations. Mainly, they outline the framework of pages which are related to SKU objects. Product types enable you to present offerings to your online shop consumers on the real-time website.
Customize Your Product Variants

Redefine Commerce lets you add product varieties when it comes to color, size, weight, category along with a lot of various other factors.

Kitting & Bundled Products
Kitting & Bundled Products

Redefine Commerce enables you to list the same item on multiple listings and automatically compute the volumes based on sales and how many of the actual products are available to you for selling. This approach could significantly boost visibility for a product and thus, maximize sales too.

Bring The Efficiency

Kitting is a method to keep fulfillment active whether it concerns time or money. It minimizes order volume, errors, and costs. Additionally, kits could be pre-assembled to speed up your company's back-end operation particularly if they’re high volume.

Features Of Product Variants
Easy-To-Navigate, Organized Store

Product Variants make it simpler for clients to browse through your web store by merging products with numerous options and choices.

Variety Broadens Product Appeal

In case the product includes numerous options, clients could precisely get what they desire and feel happier with regard to their purchase.

Ability To Personalize

Providing a blend of product choices means that consumers connect more with the product before purchase.

Manage Product Information

Add multiple images, variants, SKU code, barcode, supplier code, buy price, numerous pricelists, and additional information to your company's product.

Quick Filters, To Find Products Easily

Search your preferred product making use of quick filters concerning product SKU, name, client details, plus more.

Easily Link Products Together

Connect identical products with different product attributes like size, color, and many more. Redefine Commerce enables you to control multiple product versions.

Product Catalouge Management

Build your inventory list with significant product information and attributes for you to look up and thoroughly grasp without trouble.

Changing Multiple Variants At Once

Alter the cost of multiple varieties of the existing product right away. Using this feature, you could bulk edit variant product attributes.

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