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BigCommerce Migration

Are you looking for BigCommerce migration? It is a time consuming and lengthy process. Redefine Commerce helps you here in BigCommerce migration process. We take care of your website data and set them on a new BigCommerce store. Are you worried about old customer data and order information? We help you with our BigCommerce customized solution. We need to verify your current eCommerce platform and BigCommerce store plan before confirming you. We can help you to migrate from any known eCommerce platform to BigCommerce.See complete list here.

Product Data Migration
Product Data Migration
Get your Products & Categorization on a BigCommerce store when you Migrate to BigCommerce
Product data is one of the most important aspects of eCommerce websites. Our BigCommerce experts, will export product data from your existing eCommerce store. Product data includes product name, description, attributes, images, pricing detail, reviews, etc. Based on export data, we go and set up products on the

BigCommerce platform

Maintain site Flow & Categories
Maintain site Flow & Categories
Our Expert will review your existing store and will try to keep the same flow & structure on BigCommerce
When you are migrating to the new platform for the betterment of the business, you have to be very careful about product categorization for your existing customers. Redefine Commerce, BigCommerce certified partner help you and set up the same categorization structure on the BigCommerce platform. Give better user experience to your customer on BigCommerce with existing website flow.
Customer & Order Data
Customer & Order Data
Get all your old Customers Data with all old Orders on a new BigCommerce Store
If you are established online business owner and moving to the BigCommerce platform without your existing customers' detail; you are making a big mistake. You will lose all historical orders and customers information, sounds like you are starting a brand new business. Redefine Commerce,

Certified BigCommerce Partner

has a perfect BigCommerce Migration program for you.
Retain Search Engine Ranks
Retain Search Engine Ranks
Minimize your organics optimization loss when you are moving to BigCommerce Platform
Keeping all a Search engine optimization is not an easy task while you are moving to the new eCommerce platform. You may lose your SEO values. Our
BigCommerce experts
provide you a
BigCommerce migration service
with the minimum SEO loss. We take care of all on-page SEO values and broken links to minimize your damage. .
Other tools Integrations
Other tools Integrations
integrate your existing tools and Applications with on a  New BigCommerce Store 
Do not forget the integrations with your existing legacy platform. Redefine Commerce BigCommerce experts will help to integrate all those tools into your new BigCommerce platform so that you can retain workflow and manage tools just like what you are habituated. We can integrate almost all integrations either directly or through customized solution.
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