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Real-Time Stock Updates

Real-Time Stock Updates

Redefine Commerce offers real-time stock update the moment a sale gets generated on any of the sales channels. Due to this, your inventory management becomes straightforward and set purchase orders on time.

No More Stockouts

Redefine Commerce syncs inventory count with incoming orders that lets you get real-time details on inventory. With this approach, you can get prompt replenishment at the same time averting stockouts.

Show Desired Stock

Regardless of your company's stock levels in the warehouse, Redefine Commerce enables you to display your preferred quantity of stock on your preferred channels to push sales.

Single Backend To Modify Data

Single Backend To Modify Data

Redefine Commerce lets you change product details utilizing the Redefine Commerce backend and apply the modifications throughout the entire channels using one mouse click.

Automate multi-channel inventory
Automate your company's

multi-channel inventory management

and sales orders using Redefine Commerce. Also, Redefine Commerce combines inventory management, order management, warehouse management, and inventory analytics to help you reach your goals in multi-channel selling.
Price Optimization & Repricer

Price Optimization & Repricer

Stay one step ahead of your competition always. Automatically reprice on Marketplaces such as Amazon to make sure optimum sales with minimum effort. The instant one of your company's competitors reprices an item or runs out of stock; we react instantly to boost your Buy Box possibilities at the perfect rate.

Win the Buy Box - Reprice in Realtime

Whenever you win the Buy Box, Redefine Commerce is going to price up incrementally so you're able to improve your profit margin and repeat your price changes throughout your entire marketplaces.

Measure performance

Come up with intelligent decisions by measuring critical trends that generate your company's sales. Keep track of the price performance of fast-selling SKUs and shift your strategy as per data.

Single Dashboard, All Marketplaces
Single Dashboard, All Marketplaces

Through Redefine Commerce Multi-Channel Software, you could sell in a lot more places than ever before. Do not ever lose control. Sell extra and market more effectively all over Amazon, eBay, Jet, Walmart, New Egg, and much more channels.

One Single Screen To Manage
The multichannel software provides you with a lot:
inventory control
, multichannel selling, listing templates, repricing. All from just one screen.
Get Big Picture Metrics

Redefine Commerce offers you the opportunity to avoid overselling, instantly update prices as well as handle orders and clients.

A Complete System That Integrates
A Complete System That Integrates
With a variety of wholly supported marketplaces, you will see that we could genuinely support to push your sales to new levels with the help of Redefine Commerce. Redefine Commerce comes with all the interfaces you'll want to get connected to every area of your
multi-channel business
Integrate With All Marketplaces

Automate the listing and selling of your company's products on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Jet, Walmart, and numerous others sensibly and beneficially. Manual actions are no longer needed.

Integrate Seamlessly With The Back End

Redefine Commerce additionally integrates with a broad list of integrations together with couriers to make sure shipping and fulfillment are uncomplicated.

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