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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Develop marketing emails quicker and even more effortlessly using Redefine Commerce’s Email Builder’s drag-and-drop capability. Create your unique widgets and provide your company's marketers powerful tools to develop appealing
email marketing campaigns
Email Builder

Making the most effective decisions for your organization so that you can control cost, reduce risk, and remain agile in an ever-changing trading setting, requires real-time, and accurate data covering all areas of your business.

Email Campaigns

You can take advantage of both newsletters and email campaigns where newsletters share a subscriber base and email campaigns come with separate recipient lists. Additionally, contacts are these days the main entities which you can use as recipients of emails. Marketers can define target audiences for their email campaigns and newsletters.



Create newsletters with the help of dynamic content and deliver them to your company's audience effortlessly. Keep track of your newsletter’s performance - for example, open rate, click-through rate, and unsubscriptions to enhance your newsletter strategy.

Quality Of Content

Redefine Commerce offers fantastic newsletter which includes a significant focus that makes it even more vital for your business to distinguish itself by giving users with excellent content which will attract users to come back.

Email Drip Campaigns

Email Drip Campaigns

Drip email campaigns are pre-specified sequences of emails built to take care of your leads or improve existing client relationships. Every email in the series is a little drip of content; however, when consumed together, they send out a wave of action via your audience.

Segment Your Leads And Customers

Manage the whole data you gather with regard to leads and consumers in one location. Segment your clients as per activity and demographics to deliver extremely personalized messages.

Design And Build Customer Journeys

As easy as sketching on a whiteboard, no programming needed. Redefine Commerce's is purpose-built to assist you and your team to automate recurring tasks and build exceptional experiences for your company's consumers.

Customer Profiles
Customer Profiles

Showcasing Customer profiles is a valuable part of every intranet or community website. Redefine Commerce enables you to build user profiles with custom fields, allow users to take care of their Profiles, and also set up the visibility of private data to other website members.

On-Site Profile Editing

Using ready-to-use web components, you're able to allow customer profile editing on your company's website without the need for coding. The editing form is entirely customizable and you could determine which fields will be editable.

Custom Fields

With the help of Redefine Commerce, you will not get limited to pre-defined user profile fields and you could define your unique fields of different types (text, number, date, file, etc.) and use numerous controls (textbox, HTML editor, text area, dropdown lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc. or even custom control). You can do this with no coding and merely with the configuration interface.

Redefine Commerce
Online Marketing Solution
possesses an out-of-the-box segmentation module which allows marketers to segment their contacts into groups and also to present content which is hugely relevant to everyone, improving site visitor engagement, and conversion rates.
Easy-To-Use Segmentation Tool

The Segmentation module within the Redefine Commerce Online Marketing solution arrives out-of-the-box, hence there isn't any requirement for complex third-party integration. Marketers could easily define customer segments via the user-friendly visual interface and may achieve this directly within their browser with no need of depending on developers.

Multi-Channel Visitor Segmentation For Higher ROI

Using the Segmentation module in the Redefine Commerce Online Marketing solution, Marketers can offer site visitors with a personalized and custom-made experience in real-time throughout numerous channels, significantly improving visitor experience along with ROI.

Content Personalization
Content Personalization

By Content Personalization, you could get additional leads and conversions by offering every website visitor with content that best fits their needs. Utilized in combination with Segmentation and Personas, you make sure that you're personalizing relevant content to the appropriate audience.

Define Your Content Personalization Rules

Redefine Commerce’s Visual Rule Designer makes it simple for marketers to define guidelines and rules for customization and segmentation, enabling the roll-out of new regulations for numerous real-life situations

Banner Management
Banner Management

The built-in Banner Management module allows you to develop, control, and display dynamic content on your company's website utilizing static and rotating banners through an easy-to-use backend.

Fully Integrated Banner Management

Because the Banner Management module is entirely built-in with Redefine Commerce, you don’t waste your time or funds on 3rd-party add-ons or customized development. Therefore, you could get your company's banners up swiftly and effectively.

Easy Control Of Dynamic Content

Marketers and administrators could easily create, edit, and display banners without the need for technical know-how or assistance from tech teams and Banners could be adjusted to show up how you would like them to.

Website Personalization
Website Personalization

Website personalization via Redefine Commerce’s built-in web analytics module allows you to track visited pages, find out the most frequent users, and develop the most relevant content according to their interests.

Analyze Usage

When designing content in Redefine Commerce, the versatile and scalable plug-and-play user interface would mean marketers and administrators can produce new content and publish it to your website instantly.

Customize User Interface

Together with the user interface personalization, you'll be able to personalize the menus and even specific dialogs for selected user roles. You can also enable users to view only an area of the website they may be accountable for in the content tree and hide documents they aren't permitted to read.

Contextual Targeting
Contextual Targeting

Interact with new customers by showing them ads which resonate with the content they're currently consuming. Contextual targeting covers the category or keywords of the existing page a customer is viewing and after that, will serve them ads which are highly relevant to that content.

Keyword Level Performance

Redefine Commerce’s keyword contextual targeting allows you to target pages filled with competitive product terms, brand terms along with other highly relevant phrases which push improved performance.

Multiple Options

Get as granular as you desire with keywords or ensure that it stays high-level according to categories. Balance reach and effectiveness to satisfy the goals of your company's specific campaign.

Behavioral Targeting
Behavioral Targeting

Redefine Commerce's behavioral targeting enables you to conveniently and efficiently provide targeted messages, promotions, and content to your online visitors according to many real-time and past behaviors in addition to various other tracked variables to give a wholly personalized experience which pushes high conversion as well as engagement.

Targeting Right Visitor At Right Time

Target personalized content and promotions as per site visitor attributes which includes visitors’ real-time and past behavior, demographics, geo-location, CRM data, referral, weather, social profile, session dynamic data including cart value, internal search, form or login input, custom KPIs, and much more.

Optimize To Perfection

Review campaign leads to the context of an extensive suite of out-of-the-box metrics and come up with real-time modifications to offers, content, messages as well as design elements. Set-up control groups to determine all-around campaign impact.

AB Testing
AB Testing

Redefine Commerce’s Online Marketing Solution A/B testing module enables you to test an infinite amount of page variants. When you wish to evaluate two different designs or messages, you'll be able to split your audience into those who get the control version and those who obtain the treatment version.

Full Control

Compared with other identical systems, the completely built-in A/B Testing module involves no external applications and enable you to test, control, evaluate, and test again without the need for technical expertise.

Real-Time Reports

Redefine Commerce’s Online Marketing Solution interface lets you track the impact of your company's tests on user behavior with the help of real-time reports. You'll be able to monitor which pages or variants are working most effectively and detect and perfect the successful versions. It's also possible to utilize metrics like conversion goals and counting methods.

Statistical Analysis
Statistical Analysis

Don’t depend on one particular source of information and get more in-depth with your analysis than merely checking out overall success. Through Redefine Commerce, you'll discover additional wins and get improved data for making decisions. Redefine Commerce's integrated statistical significance makes sure that you could make an actionable decision using your data.

Avoid manual input of product information with Redefine Commerce. Use barcode scanners to input product details for Orders.

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