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Barcoding Inventory

Barcoding Inventory

Save your time and increase inventory accuracy for your business. Redefine Commerce's barcode inventory system is compatible with significant barcode scanners which makes it well-suited for small enterprises in addition to huge companies handling numerous warehouses.

Enter Product details

Prevent manual input of product data using Redefine Commerce. Take advantage of barcode scanners to input product information for Orders.

Receive Purchase Orders

Let Redefine Commerce’s inventory barcode system enter purchase information and get your company's purchase orders from suppliers.

Import & Export Management

Import & Export Management

Include in bulk, multiple images, variants, SKU code, barcode, supplier code, buy price, numerous pricelists, and more information along with your product.

Quick Filters

Search your preferred product utilizing quick filters when it comes to product SKU, name, customer details, and a lot more.

Purchasing & Purchase orders

Purchasing & Purchase Orders

Make use of barcode reader-enabled POs for saving time and automating your purchase

order management

using a web-based system. Redefine Solutions provides complete freedom in sending and receiving purchase orders. Through Redefine commerce, it's also possible to permit partial replenishment, getting inventory into a selected warehouse, control consignments, monitor expenses, and build a straightforward workflow.
Create Purchase Orders

Choose your ideal suppliers and add their information including payment terms, product details, contact info, etc. to generate purchase orders in an instance.

Partial Replenishment

Having Redefine Commerce, you can choose partial replenishment and restock a portion of your company's inventory at a time - enabling you to stay versatile as per your working capital and cash flow.

Returns Management
Returns Management

Restock returned orders to your company's warehouse using Redefine Commerce without complications. Redefine Commerce instantly updates inventory and your consumer to offer you enterprise level return capability. Redefine Commerce can make return management hassle-free!

Refund of Return

Refund the respective consumer(s) on order returns. Redefine Commerce automatically refunds the amount into the client account.

Restock on Return

Opt to Restock product into your company's warehouse or any Amazon facility using Redefine Commerce. Just click on the restock option and you're sorted out.

Stock Management
Stock Management

Streamline your company's stock management process. Redefine Commerce is a continuous stock control system to handle your stock by synchronizing inventory and order in real-time. It offers you the real-time status of your company's stock, delivers email alerts in case of low inventory, and updates your warehouse(s) as your business processes orders.

Stock Update Throughout Channels

Redefine Commerce instantly updates the stock number throughout your sales channels in case of a sale. This action monitors your inventory and boosts fulfillment rate.

complete Stock Visibility

Receive real-time accessibility to stock levels, costs, and tracking information to stay up to date on your company's inventory health. Avoid stockouts and acquire happy clients.

Enhance Inventory Accuracy
Enhance Inventory Accuracy

Redefine Commerce reduces inventory and stock keeping problems in your company's warehouse(s) through the elimination of redundant SKUs and double entries. Periodic cycle count can also enable you to boost accuracy and enhance warehouse performance.

Inventory Thresholds, avoid stockouts

An inventory control software should enable sellers to create threshold inventory levels for prompt replenishment of inventory into the warehouse. Redefine Commerce gives you that to prevent stockouts.

Receive Location-Based Sales Information

Using Redefine Commerce, you can acquire your company's product effectiveness and sales figures according to the respective aisles and bin locations they're placed. It's also possible to categorize the inventory and set up threshold levels as required.

SKU & Multi-Channel Mapping
SKU & Multi-Channel Mapping

Allocate SKUs to handle your company's inventory and get over SKU duplication by multi-channel mapping for a no-fuss inventory management experience.

SKU Mapping

Redefine Commerce maps SKUs for products throughout your sales channels to obtain precise inventory data for your company's products. When considering duplicate SKUs throughout, it updates you.

Avoid Duplicate SKUs

Redefine Commerce enables you to edit identical SKUs. With this approach, avert order fulfillment problems and get your business fulfilled clients each time.

Gain Control of Your Inventory

Gain Control of Your Inventory

To fulfill the requirements of linked consumers, you must have the appropriate inventory within the proper place and at the correct time. Your capability to efficiently control your company's stock - along with planning for and replying to shifting demand - will be able to make or break your company.

Centralized & streamlined data
By automating, centralizing, and optimizing
multichannel inventory
and functions into one platform, Redefine Commerce offers entrepreneurs with the visibility, control, collaboration, and insight required to push profits and scale progress.
Bundling & Kitting
Bundling & Kitting

Build product bundles or Kits to handle product sets or composite products.

Product Bundle

By having Redefine Commerce, you possess the power to build a product as a selection of related or varied product types. They are called product bundles.

Club Products

Redefine Commerce enables you to club your company's pre-existing primary products with new items to make product bundles.

Inventory Forecasting
Inventory Forecasting

Improving the purchase orders is not just a smooth procedure - it shouldn't merely show the future demand, but every one of the economic drivers in the process - it’s often an extremely time-consuming procedure too. Redefine Commerce entirely simplifies this concern.

Superior Reorder Quantity Forecasts

We blend the probabilistic predictions generated by our forecasting engine with all the appropriate economic drivers for your organization: carrying costs, cost of stock-outs, gross-margins, shipment costs, to be able to compute purchase order quantities that boost returns for each dollar or euro which you place into your company's inventory.

Effortlessly Experience Inventory Effectiveness
Experience Effortless Inventory System

You can’t improve what you are unable to measure. Using Redefine Commerce, you'll be able to create the precise KPIs which your organization requires to monitor its inventory effectiveness. Usually, we additionally utilize it to track the efficiency of Redefine Commerce’s inventory recommendations.

One-Page Dashboards

Compared with solutions that make you drill-down via areas of vanity metrics, Redefine Commerce allows you to collect your entire KPIs into a single page.

Warehouse Transfer Management
Warehouse Transfer Management

Stock transfer between warehouse is a necessary feature for powerful multi-channel sales experience. Using Redefine Commerce, you'll be able to transfer stock between two warehouses utilizing a couple of clicks.

Get Inventory Into a Particular Warehouse

Redefine Commerce enables you to allocate a particular warehouse to obtain your company's purchase orders. To put it differently, you'll be able to replenish any warehouse by sourcing your orders from any supplier.

Inventory and Accounting Sync
Inventory and Accounting Sync

Redefine Commerce includes integration for Xero and Quickbooks. Instantly Synchronize your company's accounting data with inventory and sales orders to eliminate the need for manual entry.

Make Better Decisions

Making the best decisions for your company to be able to control cost, minimize risk, and stay agile in an ever-changing trading setting, necessitates real-time, and precise data spanning all facets of your company.

Real Time Finances

Redefine Commerce offers real-time financial management and accounting solution developed specially for retail and wholesale companies.

Pick, Pack & Ship
Pick, Pack & Ship

Picking, packing, and shipping is essential for order fulfillment. The quicker and more effectively you perform this, the higher number of orders you can fulfill!

Picklist Creation

Avoid manual input of product information with Redefine Commerce. Use barcode scanners to input product details for Orders.

Pick and Pack

Redefine Commerce enables sellers to pick & pack orders utilizing barcode scanners. Just scan the barcode and generate shipping labels as your company's inventory becomes updated in real-time.

Multiple Warehouse Management
Multiple Warehouse Management

Redefine Commerce lets sellers to handle stock, set up stock policies, and monitor inventory between multiple warehouses. Maximize performance and precision of your company's warehouse management practices and cut costs.

Configure Stock Policy

Through Redefine Commerce, you'll be able to configure the stock policy you prefer. You'll be able to choose one warehouse or many different warehouses to satisfy orders originating from numerous channels.

Centralized Inventory Tracking

As Redefine Commerce continuously synchronizes sales orders with inventory, you'll be able to track and watch the movement of stock held throughout numerous warehouses from your preferred location.

Receiving & Putaway Management
Receiving & Putaway Management

An incredibly integrated warehouse solution starts with receiving and put-away. With the help of Redefine Commerce, you could simplify your complete receiving and put-away capabilities. Redefine Commerce speeds the movement of received goods into your company's storage spot as per your specific business rules and warehouse workflow.

Bin Locations

You'll be able to track the locations of your company's varieties in several warehouses and print Pick Lists when your orders get to the Shipping stage.

Location Report

Choose a warehouse or stock place and verify its stock on hand, committed inventory, last ordered stock, last purchased stock, inventory value, profit value, and profit margin.

Warehouse Management
Warehouse Management

Redefine Commerce enables sellers to handle stock, configure stock policies, and keep track of inventory amongst multiple warehouses. Boost effectiveness and preciseness for your company's warehouse management practices and reduce costs.

Obtain Stock In a Particular Warehouse

On purchase orders, you'll be able to indicate the warehouse in which you prefer to get the stock. After acquiring the purchase order details, it's going to lead the incoming items into that specific location.

Fulfill from a Specific Warehouse

On sales orders, you could specify the location from where you would like to send goods. The stock coming from that location will immediately reduce whenever the sales order gets fulfilled.

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