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Being adaptable is the key here
Rather than dogmatically applying just one methodology, we allow it to advance as time passes and gather value using wisdom acquired through 15+ years of experience. We offer you the best outcomes possible for your organization.
Increase Conversions
Convert your traffic to buyers
We’ve run more than 6000 A/B tests for some of the world’s leading brands. We know exactly what boosts conversions on

eCommerce websites

. We can apply our well-tested winners to your site to increase sales.
Increase Average Order Value
Increase your stores profitability
Redefine Commerce combines a single customer view, real-time,

multi-channel marketing

automation, and cross-channel attribution, empowering marketers to drive more repeat purchases and maximize customer lifetime revenue.
Increase Repeat Purchases
Re-engage & win back customers

We use customer profiles show you every interaction a customer has with your brand across channels and devices. This includes their anonymous behavior prior to being identified, giving you the context you need to effectively reengage and quickly drive a second purchase.

Decrease Operating Expense
Save money on operations
Get a turnkey
ecommerce solution
, we do all the work while you profit. Running the day to day operations can be a full time job so why not hand it over to our expert ecommerce managers?
We take over the day to day operations and provide suggestions to help take your store to the next level.
Increase Sales and Profit
Create a predictable revenue source
With over 1500 projects completed and a 98% customer satisfaction rating, we are the
eCommerce Consultants
that can confidently grow your ecommerce revenue and profits.
Increase Opportunities
Gain visibility of the big picture

You can't solve problems you can't see, and you can't take advantage of opportunities you can't see. At Redefine Commerce we work with you to connect the dots and integrate all of your ecommerce information to fully leverage your ecommerce systems.

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Let’s make it simple. No sales pitches or no more complications. Just a one on one conversation based on your requirements. And, experience our experts in action.