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Real Time Order Entry

Real Time Order Entry

Obtain a quick summary of your complete sales orders in just one dashboard. Find out the number of consignments that are pending, invoiced, packaged, or shipped.

Automatic Packing Slips

When you have verified each sales order, convert it into a packing slip with a single click. The information will get imported instantly and you'll be able to save the packing slip, print it, or send it to the client through e-mail.

Integrated Shipping Carriers

Integrate with over 40 shipping carriers to handle your company's deliveries around the world conveniently, promptly, and with no need of switching tabs.

Remote Order Entry

Remote Order Entry

Integrate with Amazon

.com, eBay, Etsy, and Walmart and take care of all the web-based orders on just one platform. Additionally, set up re-order point and receive updates on the stock level to prevent out-of-stock scenario.
Easy Packaging And Shipping
Make packages, print package slips, and obtain real-time shipping charges for 30 distinct delivery services. You're able to do all this and a lot more from just one

order management system

Back Order Management

Back Order Management

Redefine Commerce backorder allocation gets into and checks your company's inventory and allocates inventory when it becomes available. If you've got plenty of backorders, you should know which ones you'll be able to satisfy and which you can't.

Integration With All Sales Channels

Every one of your online sales channels bundled with Redefine Commerce has delivery alert notices and tracking numbers updated immediately whenever an order status turns to shipped. Additionally, the label gets created at this point.

Full Reverse Logistics & Returns

For returns: Make return authorization labels for clients who request for returns. Just scan and add a tag each time a package is received. Automatically collect their entire data including tracking.

Order Fulfillment
Order Fulfillment

Build an order fulfillment system for your organization through Redefine Commerce Inventory. It assists you to streamline workflow, satisfy orders quicker, and earn client confidence.

One Stop Solution

Obtain a fast analysis of your entire sales orders within a single dashboard. Discover how many consignments are pending, invoiced, packaged, or delivered.

Shipping Labels And Real-Time Rates

Create shipping labels using your packing slips and locate real-time shipping prices for every package before sending it to your consumer.

Order Tracking
Order Tracking

Keep track of the movement of packages post-shipment and keep your clients up-to-date along with the location. Utilize this strategy to generate happier clientele using our order management application.

Post-Shipment Updates

Once you ship a package, deliver tracking updates to your client. Earn your consumers' trust by continuing to keep them notified.

Recurring Orders
Recurring Orders

Sell subscriptions to repeating products or even a whole repeating cart. Clients choose how frequently they desire their order to replicate and after that each month (or time frame they want), the app immediately charges the credit card and releases the consignment right away in your company's Redefine Commerce order admin.

Subscription Products Made Simple

Provide anything from the subscription boxes to repeated billing for any of your company's physical or digital products.

Dynamic Client Portal

Redefine Commerce consumers will be conveniently able to edit, pause, skip, change, delete, and control every little thing with regard to their subscription such as modifying their credit card or payment method, and altering the preferred day of their delivery.

Automates Your Order Fulfillment
Automates Your Order Fulfillment

Redefine Commerce’s order management system consolidates and automates your entire order handling and fulfillment workflow by synchronizing multi-channel sales orders together with your company's inventory and warehouse. Redefine Commerce also enables you to monitor your shipment, send real-time updates, and apply speedy shipping and delivery timelines to acquire happy consumers.

Real-Time Stock Update Throughout Channels

Redefine Commerce offers real-time stock update the moment a sale gets completed on any of the sales channels. With this feature, you can simplify inventory management and place purchase orders on time.

Shipping Calculation
Shipping Calculation

Design packages, print slips for packages, and obtain real-time shipping rates for 30 distinct shipping services. You're able to do all this and a lot more from just one order management system.

Live Shipping Rates

Obtain real-time up-to-the-minute shipping rates coming from the leading shipping companies including FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL.

Add Shipping Rules

Optionally include taxes on shipping according to state, zip code, or country. Add markup to specific ways to ensure that your expenses are covered.

Shipping Providers
Shipping Providers

Blend with over 40 shipping carriers to control your shipments globally comfortably, swiftly, and with no need of changing tabs.

Compare Costs Before You Finalize

Compare commercial charges of shipping companies to decide on the perfect carrier either depending on the rate or the service offered.

Generate Shipping Labels

Instantly create and print shipping labels of top shipping companies conveniently using Redefine Commerce’s e-commerce integrated shipping management software.

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