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Actionable Data Visualization

Actionable Data Visualization

Actionable ecommerce analytics powered by data straight from your customers. Track conversions and customer retention, attribute sales correctly and don’t lose sight of the KPIs that keep you in business. Your store’s performance and all crucial reports at a glance and ways to use them!

Actionable Recommendations

Receive actionable advice as per the information you have so that you learn what to sell next.


eCommerce Analytics

In One Location

Redefine Commerce instantly gathers your information and offers you actionable metrics to help you expand!

Big Picture Overview Financial Reports

Big Picture Overview Financial Reports

Reporting is cloud-based. You will see the latest reports on any device any time you want.

Real-Time Data
Compared with

Google Analytics

, Redefine Commerce updates order statuses live which means you can watch your revenue effectively computed. Save your time merging reports with precise and centralized information at any time and any place.
Keep Track Of The Kpi's That Make a Difference

Set your company's KPIs and monitor them live. Compute your company's cost of goods sold, stock on hand, profits, plus more.

Marketing Reports

Marketing Reports

To improve marketing spends, you require a clear assessment of traffic channels. Redefine Commerce calculates their performance as per conversion rate, total revenue, revenue per visitor, and revenue per consumer. Campaign tracking functions in a similar manner.

Compare Customer Acquisition Channels

Know precisely where your buyers are from and which channels get you sales.

  • Discover who are the consumers who originated from your company's last Marketing campaign
  • Find out how many new and how many returning consumers you've got
  • On which device clients spend the most on your company's site
  • Discover the consumers from every revenue channel
Ecommerce businesses
can make use of BI reports gaining real-time insight into their company's processes on a daily or even hourly basis, opening opportunities for continuous optimization. Interactive ecommerce dashboards enable web-based retailers to monitor real-time sales data along with demographics and other statistical data to be able to enhance metrics reporting, push sales, and boost bottom-line revenue.

Discover Your Loyal Consumers
Discover Your Loyal Consumers

Redefine Commerce processes your information and assesses your company's retention rate. You’ll instantly view precisely how one-time buyers in your client base compare with returning consumers. If you thought about the reason for not progressing despite a boost in traffic, higher rate of single time buyers and the corresponding acquisition costs could be the answer. For many of our customers, that’s an eye-opening awareness.

Scheduled & Automated Reports
Scheduled & Automated Reports

Staying on top of organization objectives and efficiency is critical to managing a cost-effective e-commerce shop. Reporting in Redefine Commerce is built to support online business experts get swiftly to the KPIs they are concerned about in the most effortless way possible via scheduled e-commerce reporting.

Personalize And Schedule Your Reports

Avoid manual input of product information with Redefine Commerce . Use barcode scanners to input product details for Orders.

Regular Scheduled Reports
Get regularly scheduled
ecommerce reports
right in your inbox. Redefine Commerce enables you to send a report on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.
Kpis & Actionable Metrics
Kpis & Actionable Metrics

Data-driven decision making isn’t just great to experience at an online business - it’s a significant approach to life. It's no surprise that e-commerce administrators have a pool of data. Considering the variety of metrics coming towards you, it’s not difficult to overlook growing trends or unexpected shifts. And losing out on those things means that missing out on revenue. That’s when Redefine Commerce comes into play: it aids online store administrators to determine what they have to concentrate on, right at the time it makes a difference.

Being On Top Of Critical KPI's

Learn about things such as shopping cart abandonment rate, average daily transactions, and average revenue per user using Redefine Commerce scorecards: a daily overview of the metrics that can make a difference to your company.

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