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Transform your Content and Get Found Faster
Get found on all marketplaces

Transform your Content and Get Found Faster 

Redefine Commerce’s Product Content Optimization solution allows you to stay ahead of rapidly changing content requirements across a wide array of e-commerce channels. We’ll help you reach more destinations, faster — while ensuring your product feed fields are always destination-compliant.
Get Found Everywhere

Whether you’re delivering feeds to marketplaces, shopping engines, affiliate networks or review sites, our data feed management software ensures you get the most out of each product listing on every retail destination and ad network.

Get Sales, Faster 

Product Content Optimization

solves this problem by ensuring your product data is mapped to the correct fields every time. Feeds are approved faster, customers are happier and sales are higher.
Basic Feed Optimization
Always start with the basics

Basic Feed Optimization

That's why we start with checking data fields like Brand, Colour, Size, Pattern, Material, Age Group, Gender. Only when the foundations are in place you can start working on the more advanced optimizations.
Experience to Know What Works

We have been running feed optimisations for over 10 years, and in that time built up a huge bank of knowledge.

Feed Image Optimization
Turn Product images into your best ad 

Feed Image Optimization

The images which are used in the feed have a major impact on the CTR in nearly all feed output channels. Understanding how your images impact the performance of your products is essential.
Increase Clicks & Sales
In some channels (not Google Shopping!), including call outs, borders and logos in the images can drive increased performance too.
Product Title Optimization
Ensure you customers can find you 
Product Title Optimization
The title which is used for your products is a major ranking factor for any search-term based channel. Ensuring that your titles are well described with clear references to terms which your customers might use to find the item is essential.

Product Feed Keyword Optimization
Speak your customers language 
Product Feed Keyword Optimization
As with any PPC campaign, keyword research is an essential part of your strategy. We have invested heavily in keyword research and optimisation to enable us to drive huge traffic growth for our clients.
Optimize Keywords in Bulk 

Independently fix critical errors and improve your feed quality with a clear data overview, bulk edits, automated rules and not a single line of code.

Product Content Integration & Aggregation
Flexible & Automated
Product Content Integration & Aggregation
Easily collect, structure and standardize product data – regardless of the source, size or format. Redefine Commerce's solution helps you streamline two main processes: Integrating vendor feeds onto your system & collecting missing or value-adding product information.
One of a Kind Data Mapping 

Thanks to our one-of-a-kind Dataflow, you have a visual overview of the data mapping process, which is both automated and customizable.

Large Variety of Integrations
The platform has integrations to a large variety of data sources – from the most popular shop systems to
PIM software
and third party data suppliers.
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