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Our plans prioritize items based on effort/cost and impact. They span optimizing your websites and landing pages, testing them for issues and bugs, your content, email, social campaigns, paid advertising, and even your CRM and marketing data collection tools.

Increase Your Bottom line
Increase Your Bottom line
Retain customers longer
Retain customers longer
Lower the cost to serve
Lower the cost to serve
Improve customer experience
Improve customer experience
For example, your

Average Order Value

(AOV) can tell you how effective your latest marketing efforts were based on how much you had to spend to get each order. Your AOV can also give you insights into your customers’ buying habits—especially when calculated for specific customer segments—and help you identify your most valued customers. And paired with your conversion rate, your AOV can be used to project how much revenue you can expect to earn from a certain number of site visit.
Get Big picture Visibility of your entire business
Why Focus on Increasing Opportunities?

Increasing your AOV is one of the most effective and comparatively inexpensive ways to increase revenue and cash flow (a sign of any healthy business). Whereas increasing site traffic usually involves researching and executing complex marketing plans to attract new customers, increasing your AOV could be as simple as installing a plugin for your shopping cart.

Protect Your Business Against Dips
Optimizing for higher AOV can also help you strengthen your business against unforeseen dips in traffic.
Higher Revenue in Any Condition
In fact, you may get less traffic overall but see higher revenues due to

increased AOV

and more targeted marketing practices
Why Focus on Increasing Opportunities?
What are Some of the Ways We Increase Opportunities?
You can not take advantage of opportunities that you can not see, we provide you with all the tools and insights you need to ensure your

ecommerce businesses

Give you a Big Picture View
Go Beyond Google Analytics
Give you a Big Picture View

A single integrated platform will increase your top- and bottom-line revenue potential while reducing operating costs

Give You Control of Your Inventory

Give You Control of Your Inventory

You need to quickly and easily see problems - like dead inventory and slow sellers - and opportunities like high demand and fast-moving inventory- to be able to act accordingly.

Protect Your Profit Margins in All Areas
Store Performance Management
Protect Your Profit Margins in All Areas
Once we connect your
ecommerce sales and marketing channels
, we then automatically aggregates and presents your data giving you insights regarding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Powerful filters let you segment performance data by device type, geography, day of the week, or channel.
  • Get insights into seasonal trends and patterns by using our calendar picker to quickly and efficiently adjust your report’s date range.
  • Upload your Cost of Goods Sold data and we will generate valuable information about channel profitability, return on ad spend, and product profitability.
  • Incorporate administrative metrics such as shipping revenue, refunds, and sales tax to get an even more comprehensive view of ecommerce performance.
Integrate All Systems, For Better Insights
Intuitive Ecommerce Reporting Tools
Integrate All Systems, For Better Insights
Transform data from your
ecommerce platform
into actionable insights that help you manage inventory, making pricing descions, understand seasonal buying trends, and increase your bottom line. Spend less time exporting and organizing product sales data and more time executing strategies to meet your business goals.
  • Measure and analyze performance across product categories, segments, and individual SKUs.
  • Increase average order value with actionable product bundling recommendations.
  • Get a detailed picture of which products are most profitable and which are hurting your bottom line.
  • Maximize the value of your product data with advanced analytics and reporting tools designed specifically for online retailers.
Give Data for Actionable Decisions
Automated & Scheduled Reports
Give Data for Actionable Decisions

Build, schedule, and automatically send robust ecommerce reports with ease and flexibility. We understand that a steady flow of accurate operating information is key to helping you achieve your business goals. 

  • Automatically compile and send daily performace snapshots, weekly updates, and monthly ecommerce reports.
  • Heighten communication within your team and save (tons) of time.
  • Create high-quality custom reports using multiple data sources.
  • Deliver interactive and printer-friendly reports in just a few clicks.
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