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Accept & Deliver Custom Quote Requests

Accept & Deliver Custom Quote Requests

Mark certain products on your store for quote requesting, and have your customers reach out to you for bulk pricing. Request singular quotes right from the product page or let your customers build out an entire cart for quoting. Both you and your customers can track quote statuses, and stay in touch throughout the quoting process. Offer custom prices per list item, and deliver back to your customers for purchasing.

A Single Hub for Your Wholesalers
Add powerful b2b capabilities

A Single Hub for Your Wholesalers

Once logged in, your users will be brought to the B2B Dashboard. This custom-built portal offers multiple different ordering workflows for your wholesalers, including: Quick Order, View All Products, File Upload, Previously Ordered Products, and your current cart.

Manage Custom User Roles From the Front End

Your wholasers can also create sub-accounts that can purchase on their behalf. From the front-end, company accounts can add new users via email address and select specific user roles based on the amount of access they want that user to have, either having strict purchasing or even administrative access to the company account.

Set Pricing Options Per Account or Customer Group
Dynamic Pricing capabilities

Set Pricing Options Per Account or Customer Group

Create flexible customer groups to accomodate all sorts of rate options at once. Set volume-based pricing, exclusive product rates for certain customer, specialized regional pricing, and more. With group pricing functionality, you can also specify which payment and shipping methods are allowed per group or account.

Let Your Customers Order in Bulk Faster then Ever Before

Instead of going page to page through your store's front end, your customers can view and filter all your products on one product matrix. Quickly preview, configure and adjust the quantity of products, and watch as your cart updates in real time to match your specific configurations.

Set Credit Limits for Your Wholesale Customers
Assigning Credit limits to wholesalers
Set Credit Limits for Your Wholesale Customers

Credit Limits allow your wholesalers to purchase their orders with offline purchasing methods, like check or money order, purchase orders, wire transfers, or more. You can set credit limit ammounts on a per company basis, and choose which payment methods they're allowed to use. Their available credit will automatically update after every offline purchase and will reset on a 30-day period.

Integrate Powerful B2B Tools on Your Existing Store
Powerful B2B Features to Add on to your store
Integrate Powerful
B2B Tools
on Your Existing Store
B2B Suite is designed to build onto your existing ecommerce store with tools and workflows that empowers your ecommerce site to move from business to bigger business. With features like the robust product ordering matrix, sales representative tools and workflows, a marketing download center, account credit limits, custom quoting functionality, and more, B2B Suite is here to take your
ecommerce store
to the next level.

Approve or Deny Purchasing on an Order By Order Basis
Add Custom workflows to your store
Approve or Deny Purchasing on an Order By Order Basis

With the managing of sub-accounts and user roles, customers can also set up their own purchasing approval workflows. Purcahsers can build and create orders and submit them for approval by the company account administrator.

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