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Interaction Tracking

Interaction Tracking

For every consumer, you can see their actions on the website, contact information, order history, product engagement and revenue, any notes and tags you included as well as the device utilized. A significant amount of data which you could connect with each client using the most distinctive marketing you can find - genuinely personalized emails.

Historical Tracking

Redefine Commerce begins tracking consumers using their initial session on your company's site before even learning anything with regard to their names, email addresses, or purchasing routines.

Auto Profile Matching

Afterward, whenever they register or buy, Redefine Commerce harmonizes it again with all of their historical data to their newly developed profile.

Detailed Customer Profiles

Detailed Customer Profiles

The more you understand somebody, the simpler it is to sell to them. For every one of your company's clients, Redefine Commerce’s CRM develops an in-depth perspective of their behavior on your website, their contact information, order history, product interaction and revenue, and also the device they used. Using this rich data view, you'll be able to connect with each client using the best-converting marketing that exists - genuinely personalized upsell and resell emails.

Manage Relationships Better

Save your time and have more satisfied consumers by taking care of your consumers' relationships with Redefine Commerce. Do not ever lose a vital customer task again!

List Management & customer segments

List Management & customer segments

Through Redefine Commerce, you can utilize the actions that people perform on your company's website to develop segments for marketing. With multiple filters and filter combinations that do the job right out of the box, sales prospects are at the tip of your fingers. For instance, it is simple to segment your extremely loyal returning consumers who've not purchased within the last month and develop a convincing sales offer exclusively for them.

Measure performance

Come up with intelligent decisions by measuring critical trends that generate your company's sales. Keep track of the price performance of fast-selling SKUs and shift your strategy as per data.

Create Impactful Content
Create Impactful Content
Developing targeted and discoverable content is the primary focus of each effective
content marketing
strategy. Redefine Commerce enables you to control your company's defined target personas to be able to improve your steps involved in delivering content which your buyers would prefer. You could define and deal with guidelines on keywords, messages, and content relevant to your company's perfect clients.
Profile Your Audience

The Persona engine can dynamically assign a primary persona and endless secondary personas for every one of your company's visitors and lets you create an accommodating personalization strategy for your clients.

Navigation Tracking
Navigation Tracking

Redefine Commerce assists you to learn, connect with, and increase your clients. Through Redefine Commerce, you can discover everything with regard to visitors - from their very first touch with your company's web store to their most recent purchase. It automatically tracks what both your company's visitors and clients are engaging with on your store and also on your content pages.

Sending Targeted Email Campaigns

Redefine Commerce makes it simple to operate highly targeted email campaigns to your company's consumers. Recover lost clients who were once active by engaging with them - it just requires less than a minute to deliver an email message to all clients who haven’t ordered in the last six months.

Analytics That Just Work

Redefine Commerce automatically recognizes acquisition channels which are beneficial to your business, tells you exactly where you’re missing business with the help of Funnel reports, and instantly tracks conversion rates throughout devices.

Referral Source Tracking
Referral Source Tracking

Using Redefine Commerce, you'll easily view the effectiveness of your client acquisition sources and track your company's campaigns which includes social media and PPC.

See The Big Picture

Compare the outcomes of different campaigns and fine-tune your marketing initiatives to make sure you invest only in channels which get you real traffic along with consumers. As time passes, you'll be able to get rid of all critical presence which doesn’t add any value; however, takes up your company's efforts.

Time On Site Tracking
Time On Site Tracking

Time on site appropriately measured gets directly linked with higher revenue. For this reason, Redefine Commerce automatically tracks time on site to generate custom calculations of the percentage of possibility of your lead or client converting.

On Time = Revenue

Revenue Per Visitor (RPV) is a measurement of the money earned every time a client visits your company's site. It is measured by dividing the total revenue by the final number of visitors to your company's website and is a technique for estimating the value of every extra site visitor.

Track Any Metric In Real Time
Track Any Metric In Real Time

Redefine Commerce enables you to consistently track and measure the effectiveness of your entire website conversions.

Track Page Visits

Track all guests visiting a page on your website. To track specific pages, utilize Redefine Commerce’s sophisticated operators like Include/Exclude and pattern matching.

Fulfill From a Specific Warehouse

On sales orders, you can specify the place from where you want to send goods. The stock originating from that spot will instantly reduce when the sales order becomes fulfilled.

Behavioral Mapping
Behavioral Mapping

Make use of your distinctive criteria to filter a specific range of recordings. For instance, view recordings of site visitors who originated from an Adwords campaign and added a particular product to cart. Redefine Commerce records this data by using custom tags determined by you.

Dig Deeper

Interested in recordings of site visitors who backed off at the final step of your funnel? Redefine Commerce allows you to filter records for visitors who:

  • Got Converted to fulfill a goal
  • Didn’t get converted to achieve a purpose
  • Backed out at a step in a funnel
View Visitor Recordings
View Visitor Recordings

Record and playback visitor sessions. Use Visitor Recordings to check over the shoulders of your company's visitors, while they engage with your site.

Mouse Trails And Clicks

Redefine Commerce captures actual mouse movements as visitors move through pages on your company's website. It's also possible to view the places they clicked (both left and right clicks) and how frequently they moved up and down on a page.

Pages And Sessions

Capture visitor behavior-based individual pages or all of the pages visited in a session.

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