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Lizzy's Coffee

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Lizzy's Coffee

2008 by owner & roaster Liz Roquet in her hometown of Ketchum, Idaho, Lizzy's Fresh Coffee is a family owned roasterie focused on delivering the best quality coffees and exceptional personal service. Growing up as the daughter of an Austrian pastry chef, Lizzy had a love of coffee, that she wanted to share with the world. Dedicated to making great coffee that is farm-to the roaster-to you. Lizzy’s Coffee is dedicated to making it a mission to share coffee knowledge in a fun, practical way to help you brew like a pro at home.

The Challenge
Our outdated websites were experiencing issues ranging from payment gateway and performance problems to limited data storage and poor usability for our customers. We could not move forward on other projects without a more presentable website. The goal was to redesign and repair multiple websites. We wanted our

website redesign

ed to be responsive and easy to use for customers. We wanted a website on which customers can customize their purchases with monogramming, logos, and screen printing.
Lizzy’s Coffee’s challenges included an outdated website which was giving both performance issues due to limited storage and capability as well as poor usability for customers. Due to these issues, Lizzy’s Coffee was unable to move forward with other initiatives till first giving a more presentable and user-friendly website. Another challenge was making the website mobile friendly and easy for customers to use on all platforms. Additionally, Lizzy’s Coffee wanted to a website on which customers can customize their purchases with text, custom labels, uploaded photos, and preferred roasting date.

The Approach
The first approach was to come up with a

custom website design

which was not built on templates. We wanted to create a design which both embraced the brand but would also increase conversions to the website with a clean look and approach. We went over everything from color schemes to font, design, layout – and sent prototypes back and forth until the final look and feel of the website was decided on. In addition to looking and feel we wanted to make sure the website functioned flawlessly from a mobile perspective. The need for personalization on this project required a custom development, and functionality to be added to the site.

Lizzy's Coffee
Highlight of How We Helped Increase Revenue

Custom Photo Label Feature and Product Customization

Custom Photo Label Feature and

Product Customization

With the product customization feature built for Lizzy’s Coffee, customers gained the ability to add text, messages customized fonts, images, and labels on each of the coffee bags designed. The system allowed the customer to preview the coffee there were to buy before making an order. Giving customers an unforgettable experience.

Custom Review Management with Rich Snippets Integration

Custom Review Management
with Rich Snippets Integration

Needing a way to collect reviews and display them on the website, we created a review portal to easily gather reviews from previous customers. Using the review portal, a notification would go out to the customer and send a review request. Customers then would have the ability to write reviews directly in the email and it would be submitted, the feature leads to an easier collection of reviews, as a customer were no longer forced to log in to the website. The reviews were then optimized for Google search engines, so each product would show in the search engines with the appropriate metadata and information. Leading to higher click-through rating on search engine rankings and higher ranking product listings.

Advance Customer Account Management with Guest Checkout

Advance Customer Account Management with Guest Checkout

Guest checkout refers to the ability for shoppers to make a purchase from your store without logging in to an account or saving any information. The customer’s information is applied to one order only and is not stored for further reuse. By enabling guest checkout on the website, it allowed customers to check out faster and lead to less cart abandonment and higher conversions and revenue on the site.

Customized Checkout Management

Customized Checkout Management

One of the most essential pages of any e-commerce system is the checkout page. In almost every e-commerce business the checkout page can make or break the entire e-commerce experience. Lizzy’s Coffee needed a customized checkout that was fast and that encourage customers to finish their purchase. We tweaked the page to ensure the checkout was optimized for conversions and sales.

The Result

The website now has a more intuitive flow as well as a more polished design. The custom integrated UX designs for the personalization ensure that personalizing coffee is both easy and enjoyable for customers. Page views are up over 35% and site rankings have also increased dramatically. Additionally, the customization module has led to an increase in conversion on the website.


Lizzy's Coffee
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