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BigCommerce Design
Redefine Commerce –

BigCommerce Certified Partner

knew the BigCommerce platform in and out. We use our design expertise to meet with your business need. You count us for

BigCommerce Store Design

, Design Customization, Logo Design, Branding, and Newsletter Design.

Branding & Logo Design
Create a Branding guideline for the website, update it when require   

Rapid business transformation requires organizations to adopt a new approach to design. Therefore, whether you have a brand that requires a makeover or on-going design needs, you can count on Redefine Commerce to deliver greatness. As an expert in this area, we spend a significant amount of time figuring out which font style, color, and image are suitable for your business identity to be both trusted and memorable.

Custom Responsive Design
Provide better User Interface & User Experience with Responsive design
Your site needs to look exceptional and perform correctly whether your consumer is viewing it on a desktop, a tablet, or a phone. The website has to be optimized so that it is compatible with different screen size and resolutions. Otherwise, all the hard work done on designing a new site will fall back. Therefore, we’ll leverage our expertise in

BigCommerce responsive design

to give you a sleek, shoppable site that converts users into customers on all devices.
Apply a new conversion focused fresh look to BigCommerce Store
Your website is arguably your most crucial marketing tool. That is why your website should be beautiful, thoughtfully laid out, and conversion-focused. Therefore, Redefine Commerce's
BigCommerce designers
bring impressive qualifications to the table. Our
BigCommerce experts
include all the foundations, from crafting remarkable graphics to forming site structure that works like magic, all created with an approach to encourage, inspire, involve, and turn your target audience.
Newsletter Design
Newsletter design that meet with your company's brand guideline    

A branded newsletter strengthens your brand’s representation, informs customers about your products and services, and assists develop healthy relationships with your current customers. People usually like to receive newsletters when they offer some sort of value. Our team develops original newsletter designs that range from general newsletters with snippets of global data and information to company-specific newsletters that are geared toward specialized audiences.

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