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BigCommerce Custom Add-Ons
We provide

BigCommerce add-ons

as a service to enhance your BigCommerce store. Also, we create incredible add-ons of a brand which can assure customer confidence in your organization. The confidence of your customer in your brand enables them to believe that dealing with your company is risk-free and thus ultimately leads you towards increase in conversions.

Enable/Disable custom feature
Enable/Disable custom feature
Manage the

BigCommerce store

on your figure tips with Enable/Disable feature 

Want featured add-ons but not sure when to use? We have got you covered. Our developers will give you an option to use add-ons based on the requirement, and once you are done using add-ons, you can simply turn it off. We provide intelligence and automation, giving you more time to carry out the critical activities that will accelerate your business growth.

Layout Management Add-ons
Layout Management Add-ons
Improve the BigCommerce store Interface with the layout management add-ons 

The Page Layout add-on allows you to configure templates for a detailed product page, catalog page, and product blocks. It adds additional templates that let you hide/show elements, like Add to cart button, Rating, Price, Discount label, etc., thus giving you the ability to customize the product pages and product blocks up to your needs.

Sitewide applicable Add-on
Sitewide applicable Add-ons 
Update multiple BigCommerce Store pages in a quick time with sitewide application add-ons 

You want to change specific content in all of your web pages, how you will do that? Redefine Commerce’s site-wide applicable add-on allows you to change multiple pages, content, price, etc., at the same time. This add-on will enable your online store to accomplish more than you thought, making your buyers’ shopping experience better than before.

Customized Add-on Development

Customized Add-on Development

Put your
BigCommerce enhancement
plan in to action with Customized Add-on development 
Do you feel that your site has the potential to get more sales than it is actually doing now? If yes, then Redefine Commerce offers a
custom add-on
for those who require more flexible functionality for boosting their online sales. This will provide you an easy to use system that allows you to change the look and feel of your event lists.
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