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Power Your B2B Ecommerce
Powerful features & Advanced Settings

Power Your B2B Ecommerce


B2B eCommerce

features give manufacturers and distributors what they need to make backend processes go smoothly while growing their bottom line. Whether you are an eCommerce retailer looking to add B2B eCommerce features in the future or an existing distributor wanting to improve your processes, order management and reporting, with Redefine Commerce's

B2B solution

you have the flexibility, advanced tools and deep features every B2B eCommerce business needs. 
Enterprise Level Security & Compliance
  • All hosted online stores come with a certificate of authenticity of PCI standards
  • Cloudflare hosted CDN with DDOS mitigation and security to protect against attacks
  • Frequent software updates and scans to each online store hosted
  • High server uptime and on-call monitoring available 24/7
A Private Store that Opens New Possibilities
Gated Store Capabilities

A Private Store that Opens New Possibilities

Save time and improve inventory accuracy of your business. Redefine's

barcode inventory system

is compatible with leading barcode scanners making it ideal for small businesses as well and large enterprises managing multiple warehouses.
Protected Store Data
  • Require login to view pricing for general public or unauthorized customers
  • Require global store passwords to hide areas
  • Redirect customer to assigned store or catalog based on customer association type
  • Log all visitors, IP's, and account entries for security monitoring
B2B Customers Can Pay Online with One Click
recieve payments faster

B2B Customers Can Pay Online with One Click 

Your customers can easily repeat previous orders and check on order status, shipments and outstanding invoices. Plus with streamlined order processing you can get products to your customers faster.

Advanced Payment & Pricing Settings
  • Custom payment methods specific to customers. Allow your approved wholesale customers to pay via checks, POs and more
  • Require account registration/approval to browse or checkout on your store
  • Pay with earned loyalty reward points or gift certificates
Advertise Featured Products and Special Offers
Email Marketing
Advertise Featured Products and Special Offers
Choose which products to showcase and display graphics to promote special offers or promotions. Also hide out of
stock inventory
and select who sees your stock levels.
Custom Pricing Tier
  • Customer Based Pricing. Different levels of pricing including retail, wholesale level 1, wholesale level 2 & more with product level and advanced pricing
  • Store Level Pricing. Manage wholesale and retail customers with microstores or multiple stores.
  • Order Quanity Pricing. Price breaks based on order quantity
  • Shipping Based Pricing. Smart shipping controls to automatically calculate rates based on where warehouses are shipping to and from
We Make Selling Wholesale Easier than Ever Before
24/7 Self Service Portal
We Make Selling Wholesale Easier than Ever Before

Each customer sees the products that you want them to, at the prices and discounts that you decide. A searchable up-to-date catalog makes it the easiest way to sell in bulk without the complications of taking orders over phone, email or text.

Quick Order Tools
  • Saved carts created by clients for quick reordering
  • Quick reorder from past orders can be great for bulk ordering by distributors
  • Custom product lists for specific B2B clients for ease of ordering
  • Easy to build Quick-Order forms and payment links
  • Take a call-in order over the phone by using the quick order entry in the admin.
  • Capabilities to accept a PO# as a method of payment.
Seamlessly Integrate your ERP with Your B2B E-Commerce
Integrate Seamlessly with your ERP System 
Seamlessly Integrate your ERP with Your B2B E-Commerce

Integrating your existing software with a B2B e-commerce solution means that the products work as one solution. Instead of passing information between the two systems over a bridge, the systems share the same code and database. The integration not only benefits your customer experience online, but also improves your sales efficiency.

Smarter Sales 24/7
Seamless integration between your
ERP system
and your web store means that a lot of tedious administrative work is automated. The result? Fewer (human) errors, fewer hours spent on rekeying orders, and more time for your sales reps to add real value.
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